Attorney for Personal Injury in West Greenwich, R.I

Attorney for Personal Injury in West Greenwich, R.I

In West Greenwich, Rhode Island, accidents on the road happen every day, and you or a loved one could be one of them. Because one moment of lack of attention could drastically alter your life, road safety is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. What varieties of personal injuries exist? Let’s examine the most frequent injuries and what to do in the event of an incident.

Types of Personal Injury

Car Accidents

Over the previous several years, Rhode Islanders have watched several horrific vehicle accidents inĀ one particular incident in the West Greenwich area, where a drunk driver struck two former high school hockey players in early 2021.

In February 2022, disaster struck once again. A drunk motorist from North Kingstown collided with a vehicle carrying two current hockey team players in Exeter. One of the teenagers was critically injured in the Route 165 incident. This goes to show that anyone and even “a known person” can happen on the road you are familiar with.

Truck Accidents

In truck accidents, it is virtually always the persons in the automobile who are critically harmed. Because trucks are larger and heavier, their effect on a passenger automobile is more powerful. A huge truck is defined as one that weighs more than 10,000 gross pounds.

In 2019, there were 74 fatal heavy truck incidents in Rhode Island. Passengers in passenger vehicles account for 68% of deaths in truck accidents nationwide. In Rhode Island, fatal injuries to automobile passengers or drivers in collisions with trucks are common.

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

If they do offer you something for your injury, signing paperwork without legal advice from an East Greenwich personal injury attorney will result in a settlement that is far less than what is fair or what you are genuinely entitled to in a court of law (if it ever comes to that).

A Rhode Island personal injury lawyer like Wayne Resmini will work on your behalf to ensure that the other party or insurance company pays you what you are owed.

Is My Personal Injury Claim Admissible?

Only after a comprehensive examination of the facts and appropriate insurance coverage can you determine if you have a valid personal injury case due to someone else’s carelessness.

Settlements Arrive in How Long?

Unfortunately, there is no simple response to this typical issue since each situation has its collection of circumstances.

How Long Do I Have After an Injury to Submit a Claim?

Evidence must be collected, witnesses, and obtain a recorded statement before the insurance company dispatches an investigator. The moment has come to act. Keep the insurance company the upper hand.

While road accidents and personal injury occur more than we anticipate, it is best to stay alert and prepared at all times, which means knowing who to contact if the situation ever happens. Know that Attorney Wayne Resmini is ready to help at all times. Your safety and protection are what matters to Attorney Wayne Resmini. If you are in need of support, contact 888-777-PAIN today for your free consultation.

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