What to Expect After Your Personal Injury Trial

If your case has proceeded all the way to trial, you likely have several questions as to what will happen now. Whether you win or lose, your lawyer can help to answer your questions and address any concerns.ury

After a Winning Trial

It will generally take up to a month for a winning verdict to be finalized. The next step will be for your attorney and the defense attorney to go over the award to determine what costs and fees must be deducted before you receive payout. If the defense attorney appeals, this process will be longer.

After a Losing Trial

Appeal is an option after you have lost at trial. Your attorney will discuss whether it makes sense for your case as it is a fairly costly process. Sometimes insurance companies still offer a small settlement to ensure that you do not appeal the outcome. While this is not likely to happen, discuss with your attorney whether reopening negotiations is an option.

Moving Forward With Trial

Whether you are just beginning the personal injury claim process or have reached a point in negotiations that you believe litigation is inevitable, your attorney can help you understand your options. To speak with someone about your case today, call us at 888-777-PAIN.

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