Settlement Timeline

You will probably be very eager for your claim to be resolved once you have sent out an initial demand letter to the insurance company. As your personal injury attorney will explain, though, there is no definite timeline for how long you should expect to wait before reaching a settlement. Below are some of the factors that influence the amount the length of time your claim will take.

Timeline Factors

There are several factors that influence whether your case take several weeks or several years. These factors include:

  • Determination of liability and negligence of the insurance company’s client, you and other responsible parties;
  • Claims process of the insurance company. This includes the number of files the adjuster handles and how many supervisors must approve a settlement offer before it is finalized;
  • The reasonableness of your demand offer; and
  • Outside factors. This may include things like the time of year and state of the economy.

Moving Forward With Your Claim

There is no way to predict how quickly your claim will move from demand letter to settlement. The factors above will give you a rough idea of what could cause some cases to take longer than others. The only way to really know what the specific circumstances are at work in your own case is to discuss your concerns with your personal injury lawyer. Please call Resmini Law, LLC. today at 888-777-PAIN for more information.

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