Dealing With Adjuster Tactics

Insurance adjusters’ sole purpose is to make sure the insurance company holds on to as much money as possible. One way they do this is by using manipulative tactics, such as claiming an offer will be withdrawn if not accepted immediately.

Offer Withdrawal
If an adjuster states that he will withdraw his offer if you do not accept it immediately, there are ways you can combat this tactic. Since adjusters will try to take advantage of uninformed claimants, you should point out to him that you understand why withdrawing an offer would be detrimental to the insurance company.

Once an offer is withdrawn, you could then move forward with litigation. This will necessitate a defense attorney to represent the insurance company, which, in turn, would be an additional cost to them.

Caseload Timeline
You could also point out that withdrawing the offer will only serve to prolong the negotiation process and be burdensome to an already overloaded adjuster. Adjusters are typically evaluated based on their ability to quickly turn over cases.

Withdraw Demands
Finally, if these approaches fail you can state that you are formally withdrawing all demand offers.

Moving Forward With Your Claim
A simple way to avoid the headache that comes with adjuster negotiations is to let your lawyer handle this process. A knowledgeable attorney from Resmini Law, LLC. can help.

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