How Adjusters May Stonewall a Claim

During your case, you will probably learn about various adjuster tactics that can slow down the process of having your claim processed. Your attorney can explain the adjuster’s motivation for stonewalling, which is usually in order to get your claim delayed so that you get impatient and ask to settle it for less than it is worth. Here are a few stonewalling techniques you might see:

Inappropriate Use of Leverage

Your attorney can explain that an adjuster may refuse to honor part of the claim that is certainly valid. For example, the insurance company may refuse to pay the part of the claim that is for replacement or repair of the damaged vehicle. The adjuster may say that he or she is refusing to pay those damages until the injured party agrees to settle the claim for the bodily injury.

Other Coverage

The adjuster may attempt to minimize the amount of the bodily injury claim by having the injured victim seek medical coverage under his or her own medical insurance coverage.

Economic Pressures

The insurance company may attempt to delay the processing of the claim in order to get the claimant to realize the economic disadvantages by continuing the claim. For example, the claimant may not have income during the time that he or she is recuperating from the accident to pay for groceries, housing, and other expenses.

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