Deposition Preparation

It will be extremely beneficial for you to work closely with your attorney in order to best prepare for your deposition. Review the information below and bring any questions you still have to your attorney.

Before You Arrive
In the time leading up to your deposition, you should go over any documents your attorney has asked you to read, including your interrogatory answers. It will be important to look professional and put together at your deposition. Dress as if you were going to a job interview.

Your Testimony
Before answering, be sure to listen closely to the question the defense attorney has asked. Think carefully about your answer and, when you do answer, speak clearly and always tell the truth. Lying will not be to your benefit. This does not mean you should go overboard. Answer only what was asked and nothing more.

Attorney Interaction
Your interaction with the defense attorney should be polite. Look him in the eye, and avoid becoming argumentative. If, though, you disagree with something the attorney has stated, you should be sure to address this.

Attorney Assisted Deposition Preparation
As you move forward with preparing for your deposition, you will want to speak with a personal injury lawyer in order to be completely ready. 

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