Fall Sports Injury Awareness

When classes begin in the fall, students eagerly anticipate the beginning of their sports seasons. Participating in sports provides an array of physical, emotional, and social advantages for students. However, sports such as football and soccer are all activities that can all precede injuries. With every sport, there is always the possible risk of an... Read More

DIY: Caring for Your Car

Summer is a popular time of year to give your automobile a clean and refreshed look. Like one’s physical appearance, many drivers take great pride in making sure their vehicle looks its best during a very busy time of year. When caring for your car, there are two main areas to focus on: the interior... Read More

Summer Camping Safety

For those who treasure the great outdoors, camping during the summertime is a perfect way to enjoy pleasant weather, abundant sunshine and simply disconnect from the day-to-day grind. Whether traveling for the weekend or embarking on a long journey, campers should be sure to take proper precautions before beginning their trip. Although camping can be... Read More
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