Common Workplace Injuries

Common workplace injuries can range from very minor, such as minor cuts and bruises, to very serious, in that accidents could result in long-term disability or death. Knowledge of common workplace injuries and how to prevent them is a must to maintain a safe work environment, which is critical for productivity. Therefore, it is important for employers and employees to understand how to manage and minimize these risks. Here are the common workplace injuries we encounter on a yearly basis.

Types of Workplace Injuries


Slip and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common types of workplace injuries that can be caused by slippery floors, uneven floor surfaces, poor lighting, and incorrectly laid or fallen objects on the floors. Sprains, fractures, and head injuries are only some of the many outcomes from such incidents. Proper housekeeping, regular maintenance, and necessary signage are there to warn workers of impending dangers surrounding them, which will greatly reduce these risks.


Overhaustion and Muscle Strains

These result from excessive pushing and pulling over the weight a worker has to lift and carry with poor technique. This typically leaves the back, shoulders, and neck area sprained and strained. This type of injury can be reduced by implementing the concept of ergonomics in the work environment, providing suitable lifting appliances, and educating staff on good, safe lifting practices.


Struck by Falling or Moving Objects

Such objects may hit workers due to falling or tools/equipment that are in motion. Therefore, for injuries ranging from minor cuts to severe trauma, proper use of personal protective equipment like helmets and proper body gear would seem to be more important prevention methods.


Machinery and Equipment Accidents

Such accidents, with respect to machinery and equipment, can be very serious in terms of results: amputations, crush injuries, and fatalities, which is why proper training with regular maintenance, safety guards, and emergency stop buttons are essential for preventing such potential accidents.


Exposure to Hazardous Materials

Chemicals, fumes, dust—heavy exposure can cause respiratory problems, skin diseases, and even long-term health repercussions. Proper ventilation and proper observance of safety protocols will greatly reduce the level of exposure risk.


Vehicle-related accidents: 

One of the severe hazards to which employees are exposed is vehicle-related accidents, as working involves employees driving around. These could be a function of poor vehicle maintenance, lack of training, or even plain fatigue. Regular inspection of vehicles, training on defensive driving, and monitoring work hours can help alleviate this. 


Protecting You or Loved Ones From Workplace Injury


Preventing workplace injuries calls for a proactive approach: proper training, equipment, and procedures. Attorney Wayne Resmini plays a very instrumental role in helping any company make its working environment much safer by offering companies comprehensive programs in safety, ergonomic solutions, and follow-up support. If you are a victim of a recent work injury and are seeking a personal injury attorney, attorney Wayne Resmini is here to protect you.

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