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When you’re on the road or on the go, you can become an accident victim at any moment. But you can’t always have a lawyer on your side to give you advice. That’s why Providence personal injury attorney Wayne Resmini released The Accident App by Resmini Law, LLC., LLC – a comprehensive mobile application that equips you with tools and resources to protect your rights after an accident occurs.

A Vital Tool When You Need It Most
In those first moments after a crash, it can be difficult to think clearly because of the shock and emotion involved. Our accident app was developed by personal injury experts to guide you, save you time and alleviate your confusion, whether you’ve been in a fender-bender or a catastrophic accident.

It’s easy to forget about crucial post-accident steps, but our app gives you a clear checklist and instructions on what to do in those first scary moments. With the click of a button, you’ll receive detailed instructions and accompanying tools that will guide you with confidence so you have everything you need to help your Providence personal injury lawyer build your case.

Recording Data
When you download our app, you’ll have access to app-specific recording tools – including a camera and video recorder – that have accompanying guidance on what types of pictures and videos should be taken. The video recorder will direct you to record comments from witnesses and store other crucial information, while the camera tool will remind you to snap photos of the damage, street signs and other key details.

In addition to giving you the exact location data, a GPS Locator element will allow you to examine specific traffic patterns and road conditions that may have played a role in the accident.

Calling police or professional response services is a necessary part of any accident. The app makes this easy with a tool that finds nearby police, tow trucks, hospitals, taxis and repair services. Whatever your immediate need, the app can help you effortlessly find it.

Staying Organized
Organization is key for any successful personal injury claim. You need to keep all of the crucial insurance details, driver information and other data, in one place. Our app allows you to easily log facts about involved parties, drivers, vehicles, witnesses and police reports.

You may not think you will ever need an accident app, but Providence personal injury attorney Wayne Resmini advises that you can never be too prepared. Since you can’t have an attorney at your side at the scene of the accident, the next best resource for you is to have an app to guide you through the process at your fingertips. Call Resmini Law, LLC., LLC at 888-777-PAIN (888-737-6464) and download our app today! “In Pain, Call Wayne”


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