Automobile Overheating: What to Know

overheating-carWhile cars can technically overheat at any point in the calendar year, they are much more prone to shutting down during the summer due to higher temperatures. As the Dog Days of summer arrive in New England, drivers should be aware of the potential for their automobile to overheat as well as the following prevention and diagnostic tips:

Monitor antifreeze and coolant levels

One of the best preventive measures you can take is to regular monitor your vehicle’s antifreeze and coolant levels.  Be sure to check your levels and refill either if necessary before, during and after the summer months. A majority of cases of cars overheating are due to insufficient antifreeze or coolant levels.

Call for help

Another main cause of automobiles overheating is a mechanical problem with parts integral to your cooling system. Instead of trying to diagnose the problem yourself, call your local tow truck driver or roadside assistance to see if there are any leaks or blockages, specifically in any hoses, the thermostat, radiator or fan belt. In the event that your car overheats, pull over when it’s safe to do so and make sure you are far from the shoulder before placing the call.

Be prepared 

Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times that includes, at the very least, a flashlight, gloves, phone charger, as well as food and water should you need to wait for a tow truck driver or roadside service. The phone charger in particular can come in handy should you need to utilize The Accident App by Resmini Law, LLC..

Safety first

In the unfortunate event that your car overheats, always put the safety of yourself and your passengers first. If there is smoke coming from the hood, it could mean the possibility of a fire. Step away from the vehicle when it’s safe to do so, grab your phone and call for help.

Dealing with overheating issues properly requires a combination of preparedness and know-how and can seriously extend the life of your vehicle.







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