Car Accident FAQ

 Q.1. What should I do after a car accident?


Answer: Immediately after your car accident, first look at yourself to see if you are fine. If there are any injuries seek a doctor immediately. There are some injuries such as whiplash and herniated discs that are not immediately noticeable but you feel pain long after the accident. After addressing your injuries, report the accident to the police by dialing 911. As soon police, medical personnel, and the people around them gathered at the scene of the accident, try to take picture of the accident circumstances. Ensure all necessary documentation e.g. road condition, traffic signals, and any damage to the vehicle. These documents are important to keep to build a factual personal injury claim. Also, refrain from making statements to the insurance company because they can use your words against you. You better call your attorney to discuss your options.


Q.2. Do I Need an Injury Attorney for my Car Accident? Or can I just Handle this Myself?


If you get injured in a car accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, you must obtain legal representation immediately because the insurance companies will view your claim differently when you have your injury attorney. When you have an auto accident lawyer speaking on your behalf, the insurance company will place a proper monetary value on your accident injury claim because they know otherwise they risk arbitration.


Q.3. what I should do if an adjuster from the “ at-Fault: individual’s insurance company calls me? 


Answer: In such a situation, try to refer opposing insurance calls to your insurance attorney because most such companies are trying to convince for a settlement. Usually, these insurance companies attempt to get you agreed on a settlement even before you have calculated your damage. Never rush to do anything without taking your attorney’s advice.


Q.4. I have Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay) on my Auto Insurance Policy. What Does that Mean?


Medical payments coverage, also known as Med Pay, is additional coverage you purchased on your automobile insurance policy. Med Pay will cover medical expenses related to your accident and your passenger’s injury. Med Pay coverage may vary based on the amount of coverage purchased but generally, Med Pay coverage ranges from $2,500 up to $10,000 in Rhode Island. With this coverage, you can pay your and your passenger’s medical expenses. However, Med Pay does not provide coverage for your pain and suffering, disability, or any other type of compensatory damage relief.


Q.5. I don’t have any Health Insurance. Can I still Treat for my Car Accident Injury?


If you do not have health insurance, you can still seek coverage for your medical treatment for your injuries relating to your injury claim. You may suggest your best medical care provider in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities. As Some healthcare providers usually work with uninsured people who are suffering from personal injury and are willing to provide medical attention regardless of health insurance.

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