Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Every spring, motorcycle enthusiasts across New England anxiously await the first truly nice day of the season. After being cooped up indoors for several months, many riders look forward to the first opportunity to remove their bikes from storage and hit the road. For riders in typically warmer regions of the United States, such as California and Florida, all seasons are equally dangerous.

In New England, the situation is bit different — cold temperatures and heavy amounts of snowfall work in tandem to create less-than-ideal driving conditions. By the time spring arrives in New England, potholes line streets and highways, posing a serious threat to the safety of motorcycle riders.

As if potholes aren’t enough of a danger, riders also encounter several other dangers while on the road. Here are just a few of the more common causes of accidents and how riders can avoid them:

Sharp Turns

Hairpin turns are one of the most common causes of accidents, but also one of the most avoidable. Accidents that occur after riders take a sharp turn can be prevented by slowing down before the turn occurs, and giving yourself enough space to properly make the turn. Instead of making a quick, sharp turn, riders should always make a slow, controlled turn to minimize the chance of an accident.

Other Riders

While many riders enjoying traveling with their friends, it is critical that everyone in the group knows how to ride in a staggered formation. Accidents typically occur due to the unsafe driving behavior of one group member. Group accidents can be prevented by making sure everyone in the group not only practices safe riding habits, but is comfortable enough to travel in a pack.

Oblivious Drivers

Simply put, many automobile operators don’t respect the rights of motorcycle riders. From hogging the road to being oblivious to other drivers, motorcycle riders need to be alert at all times. Common examples of oblivious actions include drivers opening their car door without looking, or shifting into a rider’s lane too quickly. During the latter, the rider typically does not have enough time to safely react.

Unsafe Surfaces 

Other than hitting a pothole, there are several other scenarios in which a motorcycle accident can occur due to unsafe driving conditions. Gravel, wet roads, glass, nails and other debris all pose a threat to riders. Accidents can be avoided on unsafe surfaces by riding at or below the speed limit, and keeping an eye out for any irregular objects that may lead to an accident.

Human Error

Of course, many motorcycle accidents can also be attributed to human error. Humans are imperfect beings and unfortunately, accidents happen. Sometimes riders will simply take their eyes off of the road for a split second, or adjust their radio without considering the consequences of their actions.

In addition to worrying about other drivers, riders should always take time to evaluate whether they are physically and mentally fit to operate a motorcycle. If you’ve been traveling for several hours, it’s a good idea to take a break. If you haven’t been out on your bike in a while, it’s probably wise to practice around your neighborhood before you hit the highway. Since riders are often more at risk than automobile operators, they should think twice before boarding their vehicle.

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