Common Premises Liability Accidents You Should Be Aware Of

Homes, stores, and public buildings all get regular foot traffic. While most of these trips go off without a hitch, there are times when visitors are injured because of carelessness on the part of property owners or management. Premises liability law makes property owners liable for injuries sustained on their premises due to hazards or negligent maintenance. This article will discuss some of the most typical incidents related to belief liability to keep you well-informed and protected.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Common premises liability events include trips and fall. Wet flooring, uneven surfaces, and a lack of illumination may all contribute to slips and falls, which can occur everywhere, from supermarkets to restaurants. Private property owners are responsible for ensuring their premises are safe for pedestrian traffic and for posting appropriate warnings. If you don’t, you risk having someone trip and be hurt, whether it’s just a scrape or something more severe like a broken bone or a concussion to the head.

Trip and Fall Accidents

Accidents involving a person tripping over an object or danger on the property are similar to those concerning a person slipping and falling. Loose wires, floor damage, and abandoned rubbish are common contributors. To avoid potential harm, property owners should fix these issues immediately.

Inadequate Security

Weak security is a major issue everywhere, but it’s particularly problematic in public places like malls, parking garages, and apartment buildings. Assault, robbery, and vandalism may occur when property owners fail to implement adequate security measures like lights, security workers, or video cameras. Injured or ruined guests have the right to sue the property owner responsible.

Dog Bites

A dog bite might result in a suit against the property owner. Owners of private property, particularly dog owners, must keep their animals under control and safe from harming guests or passersby. Dog bites may be uncomfortable and even life-threatening if precautions aren’t taken.

Falling Objects

Falling items are a significant hazard in many settings, including supermarkets, warehouses, and construction sites. The property owner is responsible for ensuring that their premises are always safe for customers and employees. Such incidents often result in broken bones and head damage.

Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Accidents involving malfunctioning elevators or escalators may cause people to get trapped or injured. Accidents involving these modes of transportation may be avoided with proper maintenance and inspections. Minor scrapes and bruises to life-threatening damage are all possible outcomes of an elevator or escalator mishap.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools are both a source of fun and danger. Fences, lifeguards, and safe diving conditions are all the property owner’s responsibility, but this is particularly true for public pools and apartment complexes. Neglecting pool safety measures may lead to drownings, falls, and other accidents.

In Seek of an Attorney?

It is critical to your safety and awareness to be familiar with the typical premises liability incidents discussed in this article. The property owner is responsible for ensuring that the premises are safe for anyone who enters or uses them. If you encounter an accident, seek legal counsel to determine whether you have a legitimate premises liability claim if you or a loved one has been hurt due to a property owner’s carelessness. Attorney Wayne Resmini has helped hundreds of cases and will fight for your case and get what you deserve. Call today for a free, confidential consultation.

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