Factors That Affect Wrongful Death Claims

Factors That Affect Wrongful Death Claims

One of the central questions that you may have for your Milford personal injury attorney is what your expected damages may be. Like many things in the law, the answer depends on several factors.

Age of the Deceased
A Milford personal injury attorney can explain that the deceased’s age at the time of death can have a dramatic impact on the value of the claim. This is because age is used to help determine the amount of earnings that the deceased may have earned during his lifetime if he was not killed. If the deceased was young when he or she died, there is a longer period of time during which the person was deprived of these earnings. However, if a person is quite young when he or she dies and had few work skills or no earning level when he or she died, it can be difficult to determine the individual’s potential earning level. Additionally, an older person may have reached his or her peak earning potential and each year may constitute a greater amount of earnings than those of a younger person.

Marital Status
A Milford personal injury attorney can also explain that state statutes determine who can be compensated for the wrongful death of another individual. The insurance company has to determine whether the surviving spouse was a legal spouse before it agrees to settle the claim.

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