Fall is Here: Watch Out for Deer (and Other Animals)!

Fall is undoubtedly a beautiful time to be in New England. With the leaves turning shades of yellow, red and orange, many flock to the region to take in the foliage. A popular way to catch autumn foliage in New England is by driving along one of the many scenic roadways. While it is human nature to be distracted by the picturesque beauty that New England has to offer, it’s critical that drivers keep their eyes on the road during their scenic drive, especially in rural areas, to avoid collision with a deer, moose or other large animal. Taking your eye off of the road for a split second could result in a severe accident. Drivers should pay attention at all times, but even more so when encountering a moose or deer crossing sign. There are a few other ways that drivers can avoid a collision, which are discussed below.

Slow Down!

If you spot a large animal obstructing the road, slow down. Reducing your speed will afford you more time to make a rational decision. Many drivers also make the mistake of swerving around the deer or moose – it’s best to stay in your lane if you spot one of these creatures.

Use Your Horn

Another tip for avoiding a collision is to use your horn. Blast your horn several times and eventually, the moose or deer will become frightened and continue on its way. Remember to only use your horn when you’ve come to a full stop, not when you’re traveling at a high speed. Don’t assume the animal will get out of the way – come to a complete stop first.


When driving on winding highways at nighttime, always use your headlights to spot accidents before they occur. Along the same lines as your horn, use your high beams to make obstructing animals scatter.

One Deer = Many Deer

Deer rarely travel alone, which means that if you see one cross the road, there are likely more to follow. After the first one crosses, wait about 10-15 seconds before proceeding. Once you believe it is safe to continue, slowly drive ahead.

In the unfortunate and traumatic event that you strike a deer or moose, do not approach the animal, as it could attack if it is injured and frightened. Instead, pull over a safe distance from the road and use The Accident App by Resmini Law, LLC. to contact police, paramedics or tow truck operators. It can help you save time, take photos of the accident and document any other important details. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play today!

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