First Time Riding? Keep These Tips In Mind

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You got your motorcycle license, purchased a brand new bike and are very eager to take it out for a spin. Although you’re a fairly new at riding, you’ve seen others on their bikes and figure if can’t be too difficult…right?

The majority of motorcycle accidents involve first-time riders for a reason — beginners and novices often hit the road before they are ready. New riders encounter far more accidents than experienced riders also because they do not take the proper precautions before leaving their home. There are a few important items that every new rider should be sure to do before venturing out. Below are just a few:

Inspect Your Bike

One of the most common mistakes that  new riders make is not inspecting their bike prior to riding, mostly because they never did so with their car. New riders should be sure to check tire pressure and fuel levels, as well as adjust their mirrors before stepping foot on their bike. Trying to compensate for a faulty bike is merely an accident waiting to happen.

Dress Appropriately

First-time riders also seem to fail at dressing appropriately. Novices often under dress, assuming that just one layer will suffice on warm summer days. The reality is  that when traveling at high speeds, you want to ensure that you retain as much body heat as possible. Wear at least 2-3 layers the first time you ride — you can always pull over to remove a layer if you get too hot and it’s better to be a little warm than cold.

First-time riders should also wear footwear that will support their feet during the entire time they are on their bike. What most first-time riders also don’t realize is that the majority of motorcycle shifters will scuff your footwear. First-time riders would be wise to invest in a decent pair of motorcycle boots that are comfortable and have enough traction to help shift quickly.

Know Thy Bike

Before your first ride, familiarize yourself with the various intricacies of your bike. Know exactly what each part does, how your bike responds to turns, and make sure you are comfortably seated before you start your journey. Also know yourself, and most importantly, your limits. If you’re comfortable riding at 50 mph and under, don’t push yourself. It’s not the best idea to travel on a busy highway your first time out. Practice around your neighborhood and on quieter streets until you are absolutely ready to ride on busier roadways.

Be Confident

One of the best pieces of advice for new riders is DRIVE DEFENSIVELY — even more so than you do in your car.  Especially during your first few rides, you should constantly keep an eye on potential dangers and assume every other driver is trying to hit you. There are countless dangers that await riders on the road; driving wrecklessly only increases your chances of an accident.

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