How Claim Adjusters View Representation by a Personal Injury Attorney

How Claim Adjusters View Representation by a Personal Injury AttorneyMendon personal injury lawyer

A claims adjuster may take a suspicious view of a person who quickly retains a Mendon personal injury lawyer. Whether this attitude is fair or not, many adjusters believe they should be given an opportunity to work with a claimant directly. If negotiations have stalled or there is a dispute regarding the value of a claim, an adjuster may be more understanding of a claimant’s decision to retain legal counsel. This does not mean that a claimant should not work with a Mendon personal injury lawyer, it just means that a claimant should be prepared if the adjuster is suspicious or uncomfortable.

Avoiding Red Flags

An adjuster may become concerned if he or she believes that a claimant is “claims conscious.” If a claimant appears to be overly knowledgeable about the claims process, the adjuster may “red flag” the claim. This may cause the adjuster to search the Central Index Bureau to see if a claimant has a history of past claims for ‘subjective’ injuries such as workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits. A long history of past personal injury claims may cause an adjuster to become suspicious of any new claims. Additionally, if a claimant seems exceptionally eager to settle a claim, the adjuster may be placed on edge.

If an adjuster becomes suspicious of a claimant, the adjuster may comb through the case carefully, looking for inconsistencies in the claimant’s history and medical records, which could slow the case down considerably and perhaps end in denial.

Seek Legal Advice

A Mendon personal injury attorney may advise a claimant regarding insurer’s policies and help a claimant avoid raising unnecessary suspicions throughout the claims process. To speak with a Mendon personal injury lawyer, call the offices of Resmini Law, LLC., LLC at 888-777-PAIN (888-737-6464).

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