How Much Is My Case Worth?

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Deciding whether to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit will largely depend on how much you think the insurance company will valuate your case at. Unfortunately, this is usually a difficult question to answer definitively, even for your Rhode Island personal injury law firm. The insurance company will set aside a certain amount of money called “reserves” representing what they think is the maximum potential value of your case. However, the reserves may change over time as your case progresses.

If your case is a particularly serious case involving a large amount of damages, the insurer may reserve the “policy limits” for you case. This amount is the outside limit amount of liability specified in the insurance policy of the tortfeasor, or the person or persons responsible for your injury. This does not mean, however, that you will win that amount in damages.

Keep Track of the Evidence
The estimated value of your case will be adjusted over time as you and your attorney provide more documentation regarding your injuries. As you send over your medical bills, documentation of your lost wages, medical reports establishing the severity and permanency of your injuries and other corroborating evidence, the insurance company will keep track of it all and take it into consideration. Your case value will also partially depend on whether you had any liability for the accident, the quality of your witnesses and whether you have any prior injuries to the same parts of the body.

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