How to Avoid a Dog Bite This Summer

A short while ago, we blogged about how to prevent your dog from biting strangers. While such is sound advice, it is also very important to know how to avoid a dog bite yourself — specifically how to identify warning signs that a dog that is about to bite. Dog bites, aside from being painful and potentially traumatic, can cause viruses such as rabies. Here are just a few ways in which you can avoid a dog bite incident this summer:

Body Language

A dog’s body language helps identify some of the telltale signs that it is about to bite. If a dog exhibits tenseness,  a stiff tail, or is staring at you intensely, it may be on the verge of attacking. Some the less obvious indicators include the dog backing away from you or yawning. While such may appear to be ordinary and harmless behavior, the reality is that the dog may be uncomfortable with your presence. Overall, if the dog looks to be in an unnatural state, there is a decent chance that it may bite.

Respect Space and Boundaries 

One of the most common reasons that dogs bite is that they feel that humans are intruding on their personal space. When you see a dog in public that is not your own, resist the urge to pet it. Dogs often interpret your attempt to pet as a violation of their space. They are territorial creatures that do not always respond well to giving up what they feel is their property. Further, even if a dog’s owner says its okay to pet the dog, it is best to keep walking and be on your way. Dogs are unpredictable creatures and bites can occur at any moment.

Defuse the Situation

If a dog looks like it is about to bite, stay calm, cool and collected. Do not run away, scream or act irrationally; such will only make things worse. Dog experts believe the best course of action is to remain motionless with your hands at your side. Avoid looking the dog directly in its eyes. Ideally, all of this will cause the dog to calm down, at which point you may slowly and calmly walk away.

If you do happen to suffer a dog bite, make sure to disinfect the wound by washing it thoroughly with warm soap and water, as well as wrapping it with a bandage. Contact your doctor for further advice, and if the wound continues to bleed profusely, call 911. When the dust settles, contact your local animal control agency to report the incident. Be sure to remember as much information as possible — such will be helpful in the event that you decide to take legal action against the owner.

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