How to Get the Most of Your Attorney/Client Relationship in Providence

You cannot hire a lawyer without completely trusting them. Keep in mind that you will be sharing your financial, professional, and personal information with them. Handing over this critical information entails various risks. Therefore, you need to ensure that you trust a good lawyer. Before choosing a lawyer, you must have some basic knowledge about attorney and client relationships.

Finding a Layer

Since you start your attorney search, you need to keep the element of trust in mind. You need to choose a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable. You can build trust by asking people about their reliability. If you cannot find any personal recommendation from the people you know, you can search the lawyer referral service released by your local bar association.

Online reviews are also effective when searching for a trustworthy lawyer. If you find that a lawyer has more bad reviews, you need to avoid them. Reviews are of great help, as people with bad experiences leave negative reviews.

Suppose you found a lawyer with more positive reviews; give them a call. Schedule a meeting and talk to them about your needs. Explain why you want an attorney and ask them about how they can help. While talking with the attorney, notice their personality and behavior.

What Can an Attorney Offer?

After making your mind about choosing an attorney, agree with them. A legal document will bind the attorney from disclosing your confidential information, other than a few exceptions. That way, a lawyer will follow the agreement creating a good attorney-client relationship.

If they fail to follow the agreement, they will risk their law licenses. Here are some bullet points according to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct by the American Bar Association. This code of conduct includes pointers governing attorney-client relationship:

  • Your lawyer should have basic skills according to your need.
  • Your lawyer should not represent you and the other person with interest against you.
  • Your lawyer should follow the fee structure designed by state law.
  • Your lawyer should not perform any illegal action against you.

How to Know if Your Lawyer is Trustworthy?

According to experts communicating with someone builds trust. When you talk with a lawyer, you will learn about their behavior and personality. Whenever you feel as if your attorney isn’t trustworthy, your attorney-client relationship will break down. For instance, if your attorney shares misinformation, they are acting against you. If you notice such activities from your lawyer, you can walk away from them. Therefore, an attorney and client should always communicate with each other and keep their relationship transparent.


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