How to Pay Medical Bills

How to Pay Medical Bills

Your Rhode Island personal injury lawyer can offer many suggestions on how you might set up payments for expenses incurred as a result of your incident.Rhode Island personal injury lawyer

Payment Methods
The following is a list of possible methods by which you may meet your obligations:

  • Your own individual health insurance, your spouse’s, parents’, if you still live with them or are still their dependent, or your employer’s if they provide health benefits;
  • Your own auto insurance if it was a traffic accident involving your own vehicle or auto insurance purchased by someone else if you were a passenger in another person’s car at the time of the incident;
  • Your own savings or personal means if you do not have insurance;
  • Auto insurance owned by the responsible party if you were not at fault, to be paid at settlement;
  • If you were injured on the job, worker’s compensation will pay your expenses; and
  • Such other sources as you may be able to find.

This list is only a partial summary of some of the ways you might be able to meet your expenses. Any one or several of these sources may provide you with sufficient funds to pay at least some of your bills until your case settles.

If you do not have health or accident insurance, you should save the invoices from any and all medical facilities and personnel that treated you. Your attorney will need to keep them for payment when your case is settled.

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