Most Common Types of Motorbike Injuries

Motorcycle riding is one of the most beloved hobbies of people worldwide. In the United States, millions of motorbikes are registered, and almost all of them are used for leisure. Motorcycle riders are one of the riskiest modes of transportation and cause a lot of accidents worldwide. Injuries sustained during motorcycle riding can be very dangerous and even fatal. Let’s take a look at some of the most common injuries that are sustained during a motorcycle accident:


Lower extremities, including calves, ankles, feet, and knees, are most commonly sustained during a motorbike accident. While many of these injuries might not be fatal, they present a real risk of turning into long-term disabilities.

Road Rash

Road rash is the most common injury associated with a motorcycle accident because a rider is usually sliding across the pavement after a benign thrust away from the bike. Road rash is much more severe than any other common bruise or scrape because it can lead to several layers of skin peeling away and possibly exposing the underlying muscle.


When a biker is suddenly thrown off a motorbike after impact, it is a biker’s arm. Unlike cars, there are no safety belts on the bike to keep the rider safe, and therefore the risk of sustaining injuries to the arms is very real. The nerves in the arms and hands are usually affected the most, and there is a genuine chance of sustaining injuries that can lead to permanent disability.

Muscle Damage

When you ride a motorcycle, nothing separates you from the environment of a busy street. Muscle damage can occur anywhere in your body, and if it becomes permanent, it leads to paralysis, a condition you cannot undo.

Head and Neck

Head and neck injuries such as concussions or fractures of the skull are the most common injuries sparked by motorcycle accidents. Your head holds your brain, which is the most powerful organ in your body and the heaviest. It must be protected when riding a motorcycle as helmets drastically reduce the severity of any injuries acquired.


Riding a motorbike is thrilling, but there is a significant risk associated with motorbike riding due to the risky nature of the ride. Staying under the speed limit and wearing protective gear such as helmet, knee and elbow pads, and a leather jacket can go a long way in protecting you from any severe damage or even death. Stay safe and enjoy riding your bike!

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