New Year, New Wayne – How Attorney Resmini Received a Makeover

In Pain Call Wayne. If you’re a local Rhode Island citizen, there is a very good chance you have seen or heard our slogan. It’s simple, easy to say and catchy. It has been our tagline over the years for one main reason – it works! Attorney Resmini and his staff are truly dedicated to providing the highest level of service to those in need. Not only does Attorney Resmini care about getting his clients maximum compensation, but also actively listening to their needs and unique situations.

Personal injury accidents are unexpected and scary in nature. Whether it be a simple slip-and-fall incident or a severe and costly motor vehicle accident, Attorney Resmini makes himself available to all personal injury victims, and such is reflected in our slogan. Attorney Resmini wants his clients to know exactly who to go to during a time of need.

This is also reflected in his unrivaled dedication. One would be hard press to find Wayne playing a round of golf at the local country club. Attorney Resmini is available to his clients 24/7, 365, and also offers free consultations. Wayne supplements his dedication with instant access to his legal expertise. Clients may reach Attorney Resmini through the phone number on our website, email, or via our very convenient mobile app for iOS and Android. For over 25 years, Attorney Resmini has put clients first and continues to do so in 2016.
Despite his marketing slogan and quality legal services remaining the same, clients may notice something a little different about Wayne this year. Attorney Resmini has experienced somewhat of a makeover (although his personality remains the same) – New Year, New Wayne, if you will.

In this new look, Wayne is wearing his typical Robert Graham dress shirt and sporting his usual friendly grin. The image, which can be found throughout the Greater Providence Area, is highly accurate in the sense that Wayne is as approachable in reality as he is in print form.

Keep an eye out for the new and improved Wayne over the next few months! If you’re a hockey fan, look for our ad at the Dunkin Donuts Center, home of the Providence Bruins – a minor league hockey affiliate of the Boston Bruins.

Of course, this new look for Attorney Resmini did not happen overnight. Wayne and his staff had the distinct pleasure of working with Kathy Crowley, Senior Account Executive at Lamar Outdoor Advertising of Providence for billboard and bus shelter ads, and Arty Goldstein, Partner at Animus Studios for television commercials. Both Kathy and Arty were instrumental in the development of the new creative for Wayne. Below, some of their remarks on the projects are shared.

“As an outdoor media salesperson, I appreciate the unique challenge that businesses have to differentiate their brand in a way that stands apart from their competition and gets noticed by the public. When we were presented with the concept of creating an ad surrounding the animated character of Wayne Resmini, it was immediately clear that this design was definitely unique, certainly memorable and a great visual to pair with their strong slogan of In Pain, Call Wayne.”

– Kathy Crowley, Senior Account Executive, Lamar Outdoor Advertising of Providence

“Breaking down the typical approach to how local commercials are produced is one of our big missions here at Animus Studios. So we were really excited when Wayne Resmini approached us about coming up with an innovative way to showcase his law firm. The challenge was two-fold. How could we help him stick out amongst the handful of other injury lawyers in the market, and how could we design something that would not deter Wayne from his busy schedule.

The first step was to create Wayne. We did some character sketches to share with Wayne and his team, so he could point out what he liked and didn’t like about each image. After a few rounds the animated Wayne came together and truly captured him in a powerful and approachable way. We developed the character in a way that would allow for different poses and different positions to allow for maximum flexibility.  Not only is it innovative and fresh, but it also has the ability to gain new eyes and market share in a way other standard commercials might not be achieving.

You could really tell from working with Wayne and his team that they would be a great firm to have on your side if you ever needed an injury lawyer, based on how intent and responsive they were anytime we needed feedback on this project.”

-Arty Goldstein, Partner at Animus Studios

To reiterate, although Wayne’s appearance has changed in some sense, clients can enjoy the same level of dedication and professionalism that they have come to expect. When in need of an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney in the Greater Providence area, the mantra remains the same: In Pain Call Wayne.

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