Personal Injury Attorney in Hopkinton R.I

Injuries happen every day. It can either be prevented or when you least expect it. Injured victims should always have a backup or a personal injury attorney in mind if the incident happens. If you are still determining who can represent your case, consider Attorney Wayne Resmini. When it comes to your case, it should be treated like no other because Attorney Wayne Resmini firmly believes that each case is not the same. Your case deserves the attention it needs. Attorney Wayne Resmini can help with insurance companies, legal processes, and medical providers to help destress the traumatic time you are facing. 

Personal Injury Attorney in Hopkinton, RI

Car and Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Being in an auto accident can be shocking, and you may feel discombobulated at the same time. If you or a loved one is injured from an accident, you must seek medical attention with caution and then contact a Hopkinton car accident attorney to discuss your case. We advise you to refrain from conversing with insurance adjustors, as this action can go against you in the outcome of your case, especially right after the accident. You need time to digest what just happened. Talk to an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you can so you are guided with the steps to get you through this traumatic experience.

Cars Crash with two people injured

Dog Bite Accidents

A dog bite can result in different ways, from a minor puncture wound and scratch marks to a more severe injury requiring immediate medical attention. If you are a dog bite victim, it is imperative to understand what legal aspects you should take and what the potential compensation could be if the dog owner is at fault. 

Product Liability

Every day, thousands of products are delivered to consumers, unaware if the product is defective. Unfortunately, this occurs more than you think. Products you use daily can lead to a tragic accident due to several deficiencies, a slip-up in the manufacturing process, unclear instructions, or the design itself being unsafe. Whichever party is at fault, they should be accountable for their actions. Attorney Wayne Resmini will help seek a recovery for both financial and non-financial losses. 

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