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Just seven miles from Providence is the mid-sized town of Lincoln. Home to the Amica Insurance Company and Twin River Casino, Lincoln provides both jobs and plenty of recreation. A mostly landlocked town, Lincoln shares its borders with Smithfield, North Providence, Pawtucket and Fairlawn. Incorporated in 1871 – named after the former U.S. President – Lincoln is consistently ranked as not only one of the best places to live in New England, but in the United States. Resmini Law, LLC. has been helping clients in Lincoln receive maximum compensation for over 20 years. Attorney Wayne G. Resmini works closely with clients involved in personal injury accidents in Lincoln, ensuring that no important details are overlooked. Attorney Resmini often forms close, personal bonds with his clients, truly getting to them and their needs. Lincoln residents in need of a free consultation may contact Resmini Law, LLC. for more information.

Rhode Island Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites are a lot more common than we think but actions after are minimal. Did you know that over 4.5 million Americans, half are children are victims of dog bites every year (according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and those 4.5 million Americans, 900,000 have to receive medication? Getting a treatment can be costly as we are not prepared for these situations especially if this was a random attack.  Allow Wayne to fight with you and bring justice to your pain, loss, bills, and suffering. Submit your dog bite case in Lincoln, RI today for a free consultation. 

Auto Accidents Attorney in Lincoln, RI

It only takes a split second for a car accident to happen. Even if it was not your fault it can change your life. You become discombobulated by what just happened, you begin to question who’s fault was it, what do I do now, or what about my insurance? So many things may happen, what happened to the careless driver? Are you seriously injured? It’s important to focus on yourself first as you do not want to egret any further actions that could harm yourself in the future. That is where Wayne comes in, Wayne has the experience and has helped hundreds of auto accident victims get back to their normal lives as best way possible. It is not about how huge the accident is it is how it will impact your life. Call today and let us fight for your case. 

Food Poisoning Attorney in Lincoln, RI

Everyone loves going out to eat. Who doesn’t? Whether it’s going to your favorite restaurant, or checking out new places to eat or at a foodie event at your local town, it’s hard to resist, right? Well, without proper hygiene awareness, you could be affected by food poisoning if you are not careful or following the right hygiene procedure. That goes with your favorite restaurant as well! If you are suffering from illness, it’s best to get in touch with Attorney Wayne Resmini to see if a required action needs to take place. Your safety is our goal. Get in touch today!

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