Personal Injury Attorney in Pawtucket, RI

Pawtucket is the fourth largest city in the state of Rhode Island with a total population of approximately 71,148. Pawtucket is located close to the Rhode Island-Massachusetts border, and is a short drive from both Providence, and Seekonk, MA. Pawtucket is also fairly close to Central Falls, Cranston, Lincoln, and Cumberland RI. Pawtucket is accessible via I-95 and Route 1. Given its proximity to the Blackstone River and Narragansett Bay, Pawtucket was long known as being a mill city, producing a large amount of textiles. Today, Pawtucket is known for its active arts community, and also as the home of the Pawtucket Red Sox, a minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. The Pawtucket Red Sox play their games at McCoy stadium, which actually hosted the longest professional baseball game (33 innings) in 1981. Other points of interest in Pawtucket include the Daggett House, Daggett Farm, Slater Memorial Park, Slater Mill, and the Modern Diner. Pawtucket, RI residents in need of a personal injury attorney should contact Wayne Resmini, who will fight for your rights and maximum compensation. Attorney Resmini is proud to represent clients involved in car and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, slip and fall accidents, workplace injuries, wrongful death, and dog bite cases in Pawtucket, RI. For more information, contact us today!

Personal Injury Attorney in Pawtucket

No matter how big, small, or complicated your personal injury case may be, Wayne will review and make sure your case is confidential and respected. At Resmini Law, plc, we have a track record of helping people like yourself who have suffered from personal injuries due to lack of care from others. Let us help today.

Car Accidents Attorney in Pawtucket

No one plans on being in a car accident. One moment you are on your way to a destination, the next, you are standing beside your wrecked car wondering what just happened. It can be overwhelming at first not knowing what to do next. Read our Auto Accidents page to find the solutions to your problems. Act now before it’s too late. 

Food Poisoning Attorney in Pawtucket

There are a million Foodborne illness (food poisoning) cases that happen every year, and thousands of those are either hospitalized or dead. Symptoms such as dehydration, diarrhea, fever, severe abdominal pain, or vomiting may occur hours or days of consuming food at a restaurant, or bar. If you believe you or a member of your family is suffering with one of the Foodborne illnesses, contact us immediately.


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