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Resmini Law, LLC. is proud to serve clients in the nearby village of Wakefield, RI. Wakefield is technically part of South Kingston, RI, and combined with the village of Peacedale, comprises the area known as Wakefield-Peacedale. A coastal community, Wakefield is located on the southern part of Rhode Island. Wakefield has the look and feel of a typical old New England town, with many of its early history on display for residents and visitors. In total, there are 53 Wakefield sites listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The Wakefield-Peacedale area is generally very quiet and has low annual crime rates.

Attorney Wayne G. Resmini is dedicated to helping Wakefield, RI clients receive maximum compensation from their personal injury cases. Attorney Resmini works very closely with clients, truly getting to know them and fully understand their needs. For clients in Wakefield, no legal fees are required unless compensation is awarded. Attorney Resmini often finds details integral to the outcome of a case that other personal injury attorneys overlook. For a FREE consultation on your personal injury case in Wakefield, please contact Resmini Law, LLC. today!

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