Personal Injury Lawyer in North Attleboro MA

The American city of Attleboro is located in Bristol County, Massachusetts, just to the north of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Attleboro, which once served as “The Jewelry Capital of the World” thanks to its numerous jewellery manufactures, had 42,068 residents in 2000 and 43,645 as of July 2009.

Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney in North Attleboro, MA

Attleboro, Massachusetts residents and employees who have suffered personal injuries in traffic accidents rely on Attorney Wayne Resmini for assistance. Attorney Wayne Resmini is the top lawyer in the region for cases like these and is a specialist at winning these types of trials.

The phrase “trial attorneys” refers to personal injury lawyers, even though many other lawyers, including defense lawyers and criminal prosecutors, also participate in trials even though most personal injury cases are resolved without going to trial.

Dog Bite Personal Injury Attorney in North Attleboro, MA

Did an aggressive dog bite you when you were visiting or out and about in Attleboro, Massachusetts? For representation, get in touch with Attorney Wayen Resmini offices right now. Our legal team is knowledgeable in the law and other cases involving victims of dog bites. Contact us right away if you want the compensation for a dog bite event to which you are legally entitled.

Client Reviews

Ariel. T
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In Pain, Call Wayne! Wayne Resmini is an amazing Attorney and stand up guy. He goes above and beyond to make his clients know that they are in good hands! He treats you like you are apart of his family! I highly recommend him & his amazing staff !
Johnneida. C
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I have been working for Mr. Resmini for about 9 months now and so far so good. He is a good Boss who cares about his employees and about his clients always looking for the best interest of the CLIENT even when it does not benefit him. He is very hard-working, dedicated and passionate. He lives and breathes what he does.
Cee. M
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He’s great!!! A wonderful man and great attorney !!! No one would take my MVA in mass and Mr. Wayne Resmini !!! Made it happen and I got paid !!! Thank you again !!! I will DEFINITELY Be back !!!!

Attorney for Food Poisoning in North Attleboro, MA

Restaurants and other eateries are expanding as the Attleboro, MA neighborhood grows with more full-time residents. With the proliferation of new eateries, it shouldn’t be shocking if some of them don’t adhere to the best health standards. You might be entitled to compensation if you recently ate out and believe you may have food poisoning.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Medical Malpractice in North Attleboro, MA

Despite the fact that we put our faith in medical professionals, mistakes are nevertheless possible. You are entitled to compensation if it can be demonstrated that a doctor, nurse, paramedic, or hospital staff member was acting negligently. If your visit to the emergency department, surgery, or routine checkup did not go as planned, call Attorney Wayne Resmini right away for a free consultation.

Attorney for Wrongful Death in North Attleboro, MA

Wrongful Death, Unfortunately, cases occur more frequently than one may think. Although there is no way to get your loved ones back, recompense may be available if someone is at fault. For a free consultation if you and your family have been harmed, get in touch with Attorney Wayne Resmini immediately.

These cases may be intricate and technical, requiring substantial investment in gathering the necessary evidence. The patient has the burden of proof since they must establish that the negligence of medical professionals brought on the harm they suffered.

Looking for a North Attleboro Personal Injury Advice?

For a free consultation on your Brockton personal injury case, get in touch with Attorney Wayne Resmini. Wayne is available to you if you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident in Brockton or experienced injuries from a slip-and-fall. Please contact Wayne or complete our consultation request form if you would like further information.

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