Protect Your Rights at the Accident Scene with Our Mobile App

In the unfortunate event of a car or motorcycle accident, it can be a challenge to stay calm and keep your composure. Moreover, it can be difficult to stay organized and trade information with the other parties involved when in a state of disarray.

The Accident App by Resmini Law, LLC. helps protect your rights, keep you organized, and easily contact emergency services all at the accident scene.

Our app gives you a clear checklist of step-by-step instructions to make sure you follow the proper procedure and protect your rights.

The app also allows you to record facts, take photos or videos, and pinpoints your location, which takes into account traffic and road conditions that may have impacted the accident.

The ability to record photos and video is especially helpful in logging eye-witness reports, or documenting damage to either vehicle.

Additional data that can be recorded includes information on any other parties involved in the accident, as well as insurance information.

The Accident App also makes it easy to contact police, paramedics, tow truck drivers and mechanics all with the tap of a button.

The Accident App is available for the App Store and Google Play. Download it today and stay one step ahead!

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