Tips for Maintaining Your Motorcycle

moto-708776_640Summer has officially arrived and New England roadways have become crowded with bikers eagerly en route to their summer destinations. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your bike tuned up, you should definitely consider running an inspection to make sure it’s operating properly. Here are just a few quick tips on how you can ride safely this summer:

Tire Pressure

Since tires are essentially the only part of your bike that touches the ground, you should check them first. Consult your vehicle’s manual to determine the optimal pressure level for your tire, and be sure not to under or overinflate.


Your motorcycle’s battery is another key component. Without a fully operational battery, you are risking your vehicle breaking down at any moment. Red flags that your battery may be on it’s way out include your bike having trouble starting, or its headlights dimming. In some bikes, the battery can be hard to locate. If you have trouble finding the battery in your bike, take it to a mechanic for assistance.


As with cars, motorcycle brakes should be checked on a regular basis. In the event that you need to abruptly stop your bike, you want to be sure you can count on your brakes.


Oil should be changed on a regular basis no matter how often you ride. Swapping out oil helps your bike perform at an optimal level, and also reduces the chance of it experiencing mechanical issues.

Wash Me!

Bikes can get dirty very quickly. It’s a good idea after a long weekend of riding to spray down your vehicle with a power washer or your preferred cleaning device. Washing your motorcycle helps remove impediments that may be clogging the chain or other critical parts.  You should also consider spraying down the wheels with a protectorant to restore your vehicle to showroom quality.

Completing annual checks of your bike helps you keep your peace of mind and truly enjoy your ride.  For more safe riding tips, be sure to continually monitor our blog!

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