What should you do after a slip and fall accident?

There are some important things to do immediately after a slip and fall accident. It would help if you took certain actions right away to prove your case. By doing these things immediately after a slip and fall accident, one can never prove his/her case regardless of their injuries’ seriousness. A Slip and fall case is entirely different from other types of injury cases regarding evidence requirements to prove such a case. For recovering money for your injuries, you have to do these things immediately after a slip and fall accident.

Important Things To Do After Any Slip & Fall Accident:

Get immediate medical treatment:

Delay or gaps in your medical treatment after a slip and fall accident can strengthen the arguments of insurance companies and corporate defendants. They will not believe that you get serious injuries in the accident. Every hour that you wait will potentially reduce the value of your slip and fall case. You won’t be able to prove your medical injuries without medical records or bills. They are very important to any recovery. So, do NOT delay medical treatment.

Never miss your medical appointments and follow the recommended treatment.

Jurors may assume that you were not seriously injured if you have a missing pattern of medical appointments. They may also believe that you had begun to heal if you refuse any recommended treatment. One of the caveats is that you should not take pain killers even if your doctor suggested them. You better insist your doctors recommending other treatments such as injections, physical therapies, and even surgeries in a serious injury case.

Never forget to report your slip and fall accident to the property owner or manager.

You need to immediately report your accident to the homeowner, landlord, manager, or any person with the property’s authority where you fell. The landlord or manager should take the report immediately if the accident has happened at their property. You also need to get a copy of the report before leaving the scene or hospital, either from the police or the store/landowner who wrote the report. If the accident were not reported on time, the juries would seriously question your slip and fall accident.

Limit your communication with managers, business owners, or other witnesses.

Also, limit your communication with the homeowner or landlord of the property where you fell. Try to avoid detailed discussions about your slip and fall accident with the witnesses because they later testify to your claim. So without being rude, limit your communication with them.

Immediately take lots of photos.

You need to take lots of photos, including close-ups and wide-angle pictures from all directions of the exact location where the slip and fall accident happened immediately.

Unfortunately, if you are very seriously injured and can not take photos yourself, ask your friend or family member to do so. It will help the attorneys to evaluate the case better. These photographs are vital while determining who is to blame for the slip and fall injuries and who owns the property. Take photos of your injuries as well.

There are too many things to list that must be done right away in a slip and fall case. Call Wayne today for a free case consultation!

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