What to Expect When Meeting with a Car Accident Attorney

Getting into a car accident is a very scary thing. Unfortunately, a car accident can quickly turn into a complicated legal battle. When that happens, hiring a car accident attorney is the best way to protect yourself throughout the legal proceedings. Meeting with an auto accident attorney for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience for most people but knowing what to expect will make it all a little less intimidating!

Assessing Your Case

Before an auto accident attorney can offer any advice, they have to have an understanding of your case. The first visit with an attorney will start with you detailing the events of the accident. You should bring any pictures, bills, and documents you have pertaining to the accident. This includes insurance documents that have been filed, police reports, and any other relevant information. The attorney will likely ask who you’ve talked to about the accident and what exactly you told them.

Be Transparent with the Attorney

For a car accident attorney to accurately defend your case, they need to know all of the facts. It’s vital that you remain transparent and share everything relating to the case. Anything that you tell the attorney is protected under attorney-client privilege and won’t be shared without your knowledge. Some facts may be embarrassing or make you look like you’re at fault, but the attorney needs to know it all. Remember that this is their job and they will remain professional with you throughout the meeting. If you withhold information, it could seriously hurt your case and cost you a lot in attorney fees for time that they spent inaccurately defending your case since they didn’t have all the facts.

Asking the Right Questions

Once the car accident attorney reviews your case and agrees to take the case, it’s your turn to ask questions. You should feel 100% comfortable with the attorney you hire, so don’t hesitate to ask them the hard questions! Some relevant questions to ask may include:

  • How experienced are you with cases similar to this?
  • Do you have a relevant trial experience? – hopefully, your case won’t have to go to trial, but if it does, you want an experienced attorney defending you.
  • What are your fees?
  • Will you personally work on the case? – some auto accident attorneys take on too many cases at once which leads to less experienced staff members taking on some of the caseload. Find an attorney who can guarantee that they will personally handle the most important aspects of your case.

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