What to Prepare When Meeting With Your Personal Injury Attorney

Did you encounter an unexpected accident recently? Do you believe that you should receive compensation for the damage and pain that you suffered from the accident? Well, in the case of an auto collision, it is best to reach out to your personal injury attorney.

The compensation can include lost wages, medical bills, etc. if you think that the other person is at fault. However, preparing for the first meeting with your personal injury attorney can help handle the matter more efficiently.

Preparing for a Meeting with Your Personal Injury Attorney

Your personal injury attorney (PIA) may want you to reenact the whole accident or recall what you remember in your own words. This will help them understand the facts and figures of your situation in detail.

They may consider reviewing your accident reports before the meeting in order to assess the suitability of your case. However, they will only work in your best interest and provide consultation after further investigating the situation.

After listening to your perspective and checking the reports, they will require answers to specific questions that they may have already prepared or formulate during the meeting. Your answers will help them determine the chances of success for your case. No matter how uncomfortable the questions might get, it is best to feel safe as a PIA’s job is listening and comforting their client.

Giving all the details, including the smallest ones, regarding the accident can help improve the success chances for you to receive your compensation and win the case. The questions from your PIA may include details of medical treatments, witnesses, injuries, evidence such as photos, videos, or documents, etc.

After Learning about Your Accident

The PIA will take note of even the smallest details to help with your case. They will assess the situation and scenarios from the beginning for a better understanding. Consequently, if they believe your case is valid, they will accept it.

Eventually, you will sign a contract at the first meeting with your PIA that is the “retainer.” In simple words, it is a contract between you and your PIA that shows they are representing your case. They will recommend the course of action and advice you to take care of legal fees and documents.

What Things May a Personal Injury Attorney Require?

Here are some of the things that may help your PIA understand your accident case and determine the right strategy to get compensation:

  • People involved in the accident (names, addresses, medical information, etc.)
  • Accident/medical/police reports
  • Witnesses (people who saw or recorded the accident)
  • Insurance policies in case of property damage as well as health concerns
  • Details of people with whom you talked about your accident


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