Back-to-school Road Safety Tips for Drivers

School is back in session, so we must be extra careful as we go about our daily routines. Drivers must be responsible and watch for children around schools and their neighborhoods during their commute. This is needed to keep the kids safe as they learn.


It has been noted that several road accidents that occur around school zones are simply due to drivers not following or even knowing some of the rules of the road. Road safety tips are common sense laws that tell you to avoid reckless driving, overspeeding, and disobeying crossing signs to prevent harmful accidents. Here are some essential safety tips for a driver during this back-to-school period.

1. Limit Distractions

This is simply an essential requirement to be a responsible driver, and still, it seems to be lacking. You are distracted whenever your eyes are off the road, so avoid the temptation to check your cell phone, at least if not for your safety but for the protection of other drivers and pedestrians. Kids are small, and it can be straightforward to forget they are there, so losing focus even for a second in a school zone can lead to disastrous consequences. So avoid using your phone, applying makeup, dressing, eating, or even adjusting the radio on the road.

2. Understand School Bus Signs

Simply put, always stop for a school bus with flashing lights. Drivers are legally obligated to stop and wait while children are loading or unloading, no matter how much they are in a hurry. Children tend to be very energetic and unpredictable so they might run to and from the bus; it is your job as a responsible driver to watch out for this and exercise patience.

3. Respect The Speed Limits

Again, regardless of where you are rushing to, it’s not worth endangering kids’ lives. School zones have set speed limits, and going against those speed limits is not only dangerous but also illegal. These school zones have slow-moving kids with slow reaction times and shorter frames. Moving at high speeds will reduce your ability to react quickly enough, and such high rates are dangerous to kids. So, the best thing to do is obey the speed limits.

4. Use Highways and Interways

Using the Highways during the school year helps keep the road safer and less congested. On the Highways, you can move faster without worrying about endangering children.

5. Watch Out For The Crossing Guard

Crossing guards play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our children as they travel to and fro from school. Students rely on them to inform them when it is safe to cross the roads. Crossing guards help drivers know when it is safe to proceed and when to stop, so disobeying them breaks that communication chain. Disregarding the crossing guard’s signals confuses the children and even sometimes makes them unaware of the danger you pose to them. So it is your responsibility as a driver to do this to ensure their safety.

6. Expect The Unexpected

This tip sums up everything. Anything can happen on the road. That is why it’s best to be prepared. Ensure that traffic rules are not broken, and you are always alert. Children are unpredictable, so it’s best that you play it on the safe side to avoid the unexpected happening.


As an Attorney, it is our job to alert our clients to the safety that comes with our society, and it’s best to take these tips to heart. Learn the rules of the school zone around your residence. Let’s keep our surroundings a safe place at all times.

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