Danger Invites Rescue: Recent Case Settlement in Warwick, RI

A frequent challenge for clients seeking legal advice is the simple task of finding an attorney who will take on their particular personal injury case. While there are countless personal injury attorneys who will accept a straightforward car accident or dog bite case, if the case is overly complex in nature, it can be difficult to find an attorney willing to defend your rights. Many personal injury attorneys simply lack the motivation or will to help out potential clients involved in complex legal situations.

One of Attorney Resmini’s most laudable traits is his willingness to work with clients involved in cases with several moving parts. That is, Attorney Resmini gladly works with clients whose cases are far from “open and shut.” A textbook example of this is a case in which Attorney Resmini secured a client settlement of $67,000. The client sustained injuries after attempting to stop a physical confrontation between a couple (John and Jane Doe) whom the client was friends with.

After sustaining the injuries, the client turned to Attorney Resmini, who helped the client receive maximum compensation. Attorney Resmini was more than happy to fight for the client’s rights and earn the client their much-deserved compensation.¬†Those who are denied legal advice due to the complexity of their personal injury case can always count on Attorney Resmini.¬†


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