How To Avoid Food Poisoning During Christmas?

A special feeling comes with eating at Christmas, especially when you see the roasted chicken ready to be devoured. We wash our hands regularly as a safety measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We need to be additionally careful on Christmas day to avoid food poisoning. This is because you have more people are to feed, and mistakes can occur. But this is preventable by taking note of a few things.

Preservation and Preventive Tips You should know


Store your bird in a safe place


A common activity for Christmas is buying birds. It is essential to keep it stored safely pending the time you need it. Retailers usually include storage instructions in the packaging. However, if yours doesn’t come with a safety guide, keep the bird in the refrigerator before cooking it.


Defrost the Bird Completely before Cooking


Not waiting for the turkey or chicken to defrost before cooking can have adverse health effects.  This is because the bird won’t cook properly, leaving some harmful bacteria. The melting period takes longer, but it’s worth it for your safety. While the turkey is defrosting, ensure you keep other food items and ingredients away.


Washing Turkey is not necessary 


When you wash your turkey, you will be spreading harmful bacteria around the kitchen as the water splashes. Instead, proceed with the cooking to eliminate the existing bacteria on the raw meat. Water can remove it, so why waste your precious time?


Plan every process ahead


If you have a big bird, you will spend more time preparing it. So, instead of rushing because of time constraints, be sure you make enough time to cook. Take the bird out of the fridge early and follow up with your laid-down plans. It’s better to have your turkey cooked ahead of time. You can store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat. You can reheat for a few minutes before eating.


Follow the Instructions Provided by the Retailers


Many people hurry to have their bird cooked, neglecting the directives included in the wrapped product. If your package does not have any instructions, we can work out the time together. A turkey of about 4.5kg should cook for an average of 45 minutes, while that of more than 5kg should last 30 minutes per kg.


Be Extra Careful with Vegetables and Fruits


Avoiding food poisoning is not complete without talking about vegetables and fruits. Wash them properly and ensure the dirt does not get to other food items. Many bacteria are in the soil, and they remain on the veggies and fruit until you do the needful to separate them. If you have dirty peelings, throw them away to prevent contamination with other foods.

What Next?

Washing of hands is imperative during this period. It is the first step to ensure you eat healthy food. Also, don’t make the mistake of washing your turkey. It only spreads harmful bacteria in the kitchen. If you need assistance on food poisoning prevention, Attorney Wayne Resmini can offer his expertise.

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