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With a population of over 47,000, the city of East Providence ranks fifth in Rhode Island in terms of total population. East Providence is comprised of three main neighborhoods: East Providence Center, Riverside and Rumford. A coastal city located along the shores of the Providence River, approximately 20% of East Providence is water. Its location along a major waterway creates many jobs and recreational activities for East Providence residents. East Providence shares its borders with Pawtucket to the north, Barrington to the south, and Seekonk, MA to its east. East Providence is conveniently located near major highways, including I-95 and I-195. Personal injury attorney Wayne G. Resmini has been serving clients in East Providence for over 15 years. From driving and motorcycle accidents to dog bite and medical malpractice cases, Attorney Resmini fights for his clients’ rights. Attorney Resmini does everything he can to make sure no detail is overlooked that could lead to a higher settlement for his clients. He is extremely experienced serving clients in the East Providence area, truly listening to each and every one of their needs. Attorney Resmini requires no legal fees up front – payment is only required in the event that his client is awarded compensation. For more information on how Attorney Wayne G. Resmini can help those in the East Providence area, or to request a free consultation, please contact Resmini Law, LLC. today!

Food Poisoning Lawyer in East Providence RI

  Food poisoning can occur anywhere, even at your favorite restaurant. In most cases, food poisoning will resolve itself after a few hours or few days, but if you are suffering from fever over 102 degrees Fahrenheit, diarrhea for over three days, or bloody stools, you may have to seek medical attention. If you believe you have food poisoning or related illness, contact Wayne Resmini for a free, confidential consultation, and let’s see if you are eligible for financial compensation.   

Auto Accidents Attorney East Providence RI

  Did you know that thousands of car accidents happen almost every day? Whether it’s from reckless driving or worse, drunk driving, being careful on the road should be an everyday habit. And with more cars on the road every year, more auto accident is bound to happen. If you are a victim of a car accident, make sure to get in touch with Wayne Resmini right away. Don’t let their irresponsible behavior cause more pain to you or your car. They need to be held accountable for their actions!  

East Providence Dog Bite Lawyer

  Unfortunately, dog bites can happen to the best of us. One day you are taking a stroll with your family. A dog bite or attack now victimizes you. Don’t take dog bite lightly as well; being attacked can cause a painful scar to a human body, and the bills can be astronomical! Call today and allow Wayne Resmini to walk you through the process and, most importantly, to do this together. 

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