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Located in Providence County, the town Smithfield is just a short drive from Resmini Law, LLC. Smithfield is widely known as the home of Bryant University, a private institution specializing in business and the arts. Smithfield shares its borders with North Smithfield, North Providence, Johnston, and Nasonville. For visitors and commuters, Smithfield is easily accessible via I-295 and US-44.Resmini Law, LLC. is dedicated to proving quality legal services to clients in Smithfield. From the student population to professionals and families, Attorney Wayne G. Resmini works closely with clients to understand their unique situation. Attorney Resmini has been helping Smithfield clients deal with the pain and suffering that comes with car and motorcycle accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, slip and fall incidents, workplace injuries, and wrongful deaths.In need of a personal injury attorney in the Smithfield area?

In most cases, we need lawyers when we find ourselves in unwanted life situations, and accidents are among them. We cannot handle certain things properly by ourselves, especially when it has to do with legal issues. A personal injury attorney comes in handy when you sustain injuries by someone else’s mistake in an accident. So what are the things you should expect from a personal injury attorney in Smithfield, RI?

What does a Personal Injury Attorney do?

Personal Injury Attorneys are responsible for assisting an injured person get justice if their injury resulted from negligence. Every injured individual needs one because they need to concentrate on healing. At the same time, the lawyer deals with calls, requests, and bills on their behalf.

Your condition may not permit you to start conversing with insurance companies or police regarding the accidents. It can delay your healing process because it can be overwhelming. The lawyer will assist you in getting financial compensation meant for your medical treatment, the pain you suffered due to injury.

Personal Injury Law Basics

The functions performed by a personal injury attorney include:


  • States Your Rights Explicitly

The offender needs to understand your right concerning injury caused by the accidents. The attorney states it clearly to the individual, especially when it has to do with carelessness. This right differs from one state to another.


  • Advises You Regarding The Incident

A layman finds it difficult to understand the complicated legal procedures concerning accidents and injuries. The attorney explains to you everything you need to know, including medical and insurance jargon. Personal injury attorneys usually tell their clients not to utter a word to the offender or their insurance company.


  • Conduct Due Diligence On The Incident

Before a lawyer concludes your case, he conducts a professional investigation and proper analysis of the situation. It helps them to understand what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. They could even reconstruct the incident for better understanding.



  • Carefully analyze the extent of the injury

Although you are the one in pain, you cannot possibly come up with the best analysis. The pain overshadows your ability to process the incidents. They can spend days working through your case until they arrive at the best possible answer.


  • Starts legal processes based on information at hand

An attorney knows the proper steps to take after working through the accident extensively. From informal conversation to legal actions, a personal injury lawyer ensures they follow the due process from top to bottom.


Sometimes, you don’t need a personal injury attorney when the damages are minor. You can reach an agreement with the offender without escalating the issue. However, if the damages are significant, the services of a personal injury attorney are needed to get your medical bills sorted. Attorney Wayne Resmini is readily available in Smithfield to help you with your needs.

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