Should I Post To Social Media About My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Are you aware the posting on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook during an injury lawsuit can actually harm your case? Having a huge experience in handling personal injury lawsuits, I will give you the inside scoop! Let’s get started.

Who Looks At My Social Media Platforms After a Car Accident?

An investigation is the first thing insurance providers do when you are involved in a car accident or any other personal injury situation such as slip and fall. At the end of the day, insurance companies are only interested in one thing– paying you the minimum amount of compensation.

In their investigational process, auto insurers dig through your social media profiles as well. Their first goal is to find evidence that can be used against you to make you look credible so that a judge, juror, or arbitrator has to pay you the lowest possible compensation.

What Are Personal Injury Best Practices For Social Media After A Car Accident?

As an expert in the field, I would highly recommend that you avoid posting anything about your slip and fall, car accident, or other injuries. While it is understandable that you might have a habit of staying up to date on social media and you might share everything on your Facebook or Twitter, but in such cases, it is best to avoid doing so.


For example, after a car accident, you might take to social media and post, “I was in a car accident, but luckily I escaped without any injuries”. While your intention was to inform your friends and family that you are okay, but auto insurers might use this to build a narrative that you are fine and were not affected by accident.


If you must post on social media, make sure your privacy settings only make your posts visible to your close friends and family. Also, avoid accepting any new friend request during this period, as it may be a trap set by the insurer to check up on you.


We are dedicated to providing you with as much useful information as well so you can be fully armed against the cunning tactics often used by insurers to deny your claim.


The bottom line is, avoid making any social media posts after a personal injury. If you need more guidance or think your insurer scammed you out of paying the compensation, please get in touch with us to provide the necessary assistance.

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