Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a time of traditions, laughs, family, and amazing food. Unfortunately, that delicious food can turn into an injury or illness in the blink of an eye. Keep your friends and family safe this year by following food safety practices in the kitchen!

Preventing Cuts in the Kitchen

Cuts are one of the most common injuries on Thanksgiving. This isn’t surprising considering the number of sharp tools that are used while preparing food. You can lower the risk of cuts by only letting adults (who are not intoxicated) use sharp objects. Children should never handle a knife or scissors.

While using sharp tools this holiday season, cut away from your body and always work on a dry surface. A wet knife handle is just asking for a slip that turns into a cut.

Curl your fingers away from the knife while cutting to reduce the risk of accidentally slicing yourself. If you’ll be working with an electric knife, take your time, and don’t be afraid to look up in-depth instructions or a video tutorial.

If someone does get cut in the kitchen, immediately rinse the wound with soap and water. Apply consistent pressure to slow the bleeding. If a cut is longer or deeper than 2 inches, or won’t stop bleeding, visit an urgent care center for treatment.

Food Poisoning

Food that isn’t cooked to the proper temperature or food that’s stored incorrectly can encourage bacteria to grow. That bacteria can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever. This illness is commonly known as food poisoning, and Thanksgiving is a common culprit.

Food poisoning can range in severity from mild to severe case that causes dehydration. Preventing food poisoning is a matter of doing your research, using a thermometer while you cook, and storing food at the correct temperature.

Always keep raw food separate from cooked foods to prevent cross-contamination. Clean cooking and preparation surface regularly while you work to minimize bacteria.

Keep the Little One’s Safe

Toddler intoxication is an unfortunate reality each Thanksgiving. It only takes a second of being distracted or a guest leaving their glass in the wrong spot for your toddler to take a drink. Since toddlers are so small, it doesn’t take a ton of alcohol to become dangerous.

If your little one appears lethargic, unsteady, or confused, they may be suffering from toddler intoxication. Seek treatment right away. Prevent toddler intoxication by keeping all adult beverages out of reach. For maximum safety, choose an assigned area for guests to sit their drinks that are out of reach of the kids.


If you’re suffering from a food-related injury or illness this Thanksgiving, visit a nearby urgent care center for quick treatment!

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