Traumatic Brain Injury’s Subtle Signs

Traumatic brain damage can occur when something outside the body strikes the head with enough force or when the brain is injured inside due to severe whiplash (TBI). A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a form of acquired brain damage (not degenerative, congenital, or genetic in origin) caused by external violence to the head, either by impact (such as a vehicle accident) or penetration (such as shrapnel or a bullet). TBIs frequently cause a loss of consciousness at the event scene, which is risky and necessitates extra medical attention.

Understanding the effects of brain trauma

Unfortunately, many believe that once someone is gone home, they have nothing more to worry about. This is a risky assumption because any substantial head trauma can result in subtle and debilitating symptoms that can linger months or even years after the initial event.

The following are examples of severe traumatic brain injury symptoms that require emergency medical attention:

  • Headaches that don’t go away
  • Problems with balance
  • Nausea that comes and goes
  • Excessive snoozing
  • Speech slurred
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion

The more subtle signs of a traumatic brain injury must be identified.

Most individuals should be able to recognize the early indications of traumatic brain damage, and if they are, the wounded person should seek medical help as soon as possible. However, there are other, more delayed symptoms that might be just as essential but are frequently neglected following a brain injury. These symptoms might signal long-term issues, such as numbness in the scalp or tingling in the hands after striking your head, which could worsen with time.

    • Personality morphs
    • Excessive sluggishness
    • Issues with vision
    • After a head injury, you may experience numbness or tingling.
    • If you’re experiencing dizziness or have trouble keeping your balance, it’s time to seek.
    • Problems with memory
    • Taste and odor changes
    • Headaches or dizziness that doesn’t go away

Make contact with a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries.

Any accident that results in a head injury needs medical attention. Years later, you may still experience traumatic brain injury symptoms, which can be highly severe. A good family member or friend who can assist check for persistent indicators of traumatic brain damage that the wounded person may be unable to detect on their own is the finest asset for recovery.

If you or someone you know has suffered brain damage from an accident, get medical help as soon as possible, as well as the advice of a top brain injury lawyer. Recovery from a TBI can take months or years of costly medical procedures and rehabilitation. A knowledgeable traumatic personal injury attorney like Wayne Resmini can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve to pay the costs of past and future treatment. If your path to recovery after a TBI is already long, don’t add financial problems.

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