Who’s Liable for Trick-or-Treat Injuries?

For kids, nothing comes close to the joy of dressing up and going door-to-door on Halloween to get candy. Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone gets injured amid all the excitement. So, who’s liable for trick-or-treat injuries? Here’s what you should know.

Are Property Owners Held Responsible?

Yes, if children get injured on a specific homeowner’s property, then homeowners are responsible.

The case has to be made strong by proving that the owner’s property, where the accident happened, was irresponsible and did not make it safe for the children to enjoy.

Suppose the litigant has all the odds in their favor, and the owner confesses to being negligent. In that case, the home or property owner can face different charges, which include paying damages to the harmed trick-or-treaters.

Types of Accidents That Can Take Place

The trick-or-treating entertainment can lead to many kinds of accidents like:

Animal Bite

When the spooky dressed-up pranksters show up on your door to ask for treats, that might scare your pets. What if they are aggressive and kept unchained to protect the house? There is a perfect chance for them to bite the group as a reaction.

Here, the pet owners should be careful as the parents can immediately take legal action against the owner for the animal’s attack.


Halloween decoration consists of pumpkins and candles, which use fire to give a haunted effect. But this aesthetic appeal can turn dangerous as well. If the children wear costumes comprising of long sleeves or capes and get too close to the burning element, their dress might catch fire and endure severe burns.

It also depends on how the candles are placed as one wrong move, and they can easily fall on the ground, harming the child and the property altogether.

Scanty Lighting

One very important thing that homeowners should remember is to have sufficient lights on their entryway, porch, and around their property, so guests can easily navigate their way through.

Otherwise, if the house has poor lightning, then be prepared to witness guests either falling or tripping on their way and furnishing them with all the more chance to take legal action against you.

Slime of the Pumpkin

Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns have slime in them. If they get knocked down by the cold winds or children, the floor will get slippery because of the slime everywhere, which will force them to fall into the mess.

You really don’t want to continue paying penalties through such casualties, so how about remaining cautious from the beginning?

Friendly Treats

Children love treats, and many people spend extra time in the kitchen crafting Halloween goodies.

Make sure your treats are friendly for consumption, not too hard, and don’t contain ingredients that may turn out to be risky in the form of allergies.

If your child has suffered from an injury while trick-or-treating, Attorney Wayne Resmini can assist you.

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