What to Do After a Rhode Island Car Accident

Anyone who is ever involved in a road accident will tell you that you are in a state of shock in the immediate moments after the accident. You may be confused about the details of the accident, and if the accident is pretty bad, you might also be injured. It’s all normal, in fact, statistics indicate that every person gets in at least one car accident in their lives. No matter what, when the accident strikes, you are never prepared.

The immediate time after the accident is very important. The actions you take minutes, hours, days, and weeks after an accident can affect you in many ways. Here is a list of all the things that you should do immediately after an accident.

1.     Report the Accident

Calling 911 should be the first thing that you should do immediately after an accident. Calling 911 has two purposes; first, they will send emergency responders who will assess the situation and determine whether you need medical attention or not. Second, the police created an accident report detailing all the aspects of the accident. For any Rhode Island car accident claim, an accident report is crucial.

2.     Document the Accident

If your physical condition allows, you should try to gather as much information about the accident scene as possible. This data collection includes talking to people who witnessed the accident and got their contact information. You should also use your cell phone to take clear pictures of the accident, including the damage to the vehicle, the location of the vehicles, and any nearby objects that were destroyed.

3.     Visit a Doctor

Even if the emergency responders have assessed your situation and have declared you’re fine, you should still visit a doctor for further analysis. Many times, the impact of an accident is not visible and detailed analysis using tests such as X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRIs is required to see if there are any internal injuries. The symptoms of an accident injury can be felt hours or even days after the accident. Be sure to get a complete check-up.

4.     Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

Once all the above-mentioned things are sorted, you should discuss your case with a lawyer. The lawyer will be able to discuss all the details of your accident and help you understand if you need to take any further steps. 7


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